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Why Volunteer

Because we can’t do it without you!

Your education and special skills in health care, education, architecture, engineering, construction and maintenance and a host of other disciplines are essential and incalculable to the people of Tanzania, where the average income is one dollar per day.

Inhabitants of rural areas, which comprise 70% of the population of Tanzania, have insufficient medical care, educational opportunities and often no access to clean water or electricity.

Even areas within sight of large cities such as Mwanza on the southern tip of Lake Victoria have no sanitary facilities such as modern toilets or running water. Latrine trenches are common and when overflowing during rainy season create havoc and sometimes cause discord among neighbors.

Primary education in Tanzania is guaranteed by the government, but very often is not adhered to. Families keep children, especially girls, from attending compulsory primary education due to the need for the children to work in agriculture or other menial labor to supplement family income.

Secondary and college level education is expensive and out of the financial reach of most Tanzanian families. Live-at-home students require at least $30USD per month tuition for State Secondary Schools. Secondary Education Boarding Schools average $1200USD annual tuition.

Teacher volunteers can significantly lower these costs and afford more opportunities for Tanzanian children to attend schools.

Civil engineer volunteers can help design and implement sanitation facilities and infrastructure in and around large cities.

Medical and health care volunteers can determine the areas of most urgent medical needs and implement basic health care, preventive care, testing and treatment for malaria, HIV/AIDS and TB.

Consider your time as a volunteer professional as an educational vacation. Learn a new language, immerse yourself in a new culture, travel to interesting places like Zanzibar, Kilimanjaro, Serengeti and Lake Tanganyika.