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Universal Initiative Foundation Volunteer Program Application and Agreement
Between Universal Initiative, The Archdiocese of Tabora & Applicant


Completed and signed copies of Universal Initiative Volunteer Program Application and Agreement are accepted by fax, scanned e-mail or express mail. Please contact us by e-mail at uif.stiles@gmail.com if you have any questions regarding the Application or Agreement. For printable version of Application and Agreement, click here. The information on the Application and Agreement is private and protected. Please read the Universal Initiative Volunteer Program Agreement before completing this Application. Complete information is required and all information will be kept confidential. We do not share your information with other organizations.

I have read the Universal Initiative Volunteer Program Application and Agreement and agree to their terms.

First Name:__________________________MI:_____Last Name:______________________________

Mailing Address______________________________________________________________________

City___________________________________State__________________ ZIP___________________

Country________________ Current e-mail address________________________________________

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Age: ___       Male / Female


Please supply 2 references with e-mail addresses.



Please mail, scan e-mail or fax Application and Agreement to:
Universal Initiative Foundation
1684 Woodlands Dr., Suite 300
Maumee, Ohio 43537
Tel:  419-491-1203
e-mail: uif.stiles@gmail.com




Please print:

Preferred Service Program___________________________________i.e. Education, Medical, Construction or Maintenance

Preferred Service Program Start Date_______________________

Please circle your program choice below:

30 Days Program             60 Days Program             90 Days Program             Extended Stay Program

Name (as it appears on passport)_________________________________________

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Completion, signing and return of this Application and Agreement constitutes your acceptance of their terms. Computer generated or faxed copies are acceptable and are considered as originals.

Please read the Application and Agreement carefully as it is a legal document which would be presented during any dispute.

You agree that any dispute of any nature, be it physical, medical, monetary or any other category would be arbitrated by the District Commissioner of Tabora, Tanzania and his decision would be final and acceptable by both parties.

Universal Initiative’s Volunteer Program is a program administered by Universal Initiative Foundation, its President and Staff in Toledo, Ohio USA in cooperation with the Archdiocese of Tabora, Tanzania. Volunteers are individuals willing to serve as non-paid Volunteers in Tanzania. Volunteers will be hosted by the Archdiocese of Tabora, Tanzania, including its schools, hospital, clinics, dispensaries and any other organizations affiliated with the Archdiocese.

You agree to be assigned to serve in the area and perform duties assigned to you by the Universal Initiative Volunteer Program and the Archdiocese of Tabora.

The Archdiocese of Tabora will be responsible for your meals, accommodations and ground transportation while serving the Universal Initiative Volunteer Program in Tanzania.

You agree that any cost of services or purchases while serving, other than food, housing and ground transportation to and from work sites provided by the Archdiocese of Tabora and Universal Initiative Volunteer Program, will be at your cost and responsibility.

You agree that travel to and from Tanzania, including travel insurance, passport fees, Visa and any other cost to enter or exit Tanzania, are your sole responsibility.

Emergency medical evacuation insurance, one overnight stay at TEC Hostel in Dar es Salaam and your initial travel from Dar es Salaam to Tabora, Tanzania will be at the expense of Universal Initiative Volunteer Program and the Archdiocese of Tabora.

You agree that medical care, as well as medical insurance, while in or out of Tanzania, is your responsibility.

Universal Initiative Volunteer Program Fees may or may not constitute a tax deduction from income in Volunteer’s home country. It is the sole responsibility of Volunteer to seek advice from your government and or tax consultant regarding tax matters.

You agree to the Terms of Payment, Discounts and Cancellation Policy of the Universal Initiative Volunteer Program as outlined below.

Volunteer Program Fees reflect the cost to Universal Initiative to accommodate and nourish Volunteers for the time of their service. Accommodations are clean, comfortable and of a standard much higher than those of most Tanzanians. Volunteers, in most cases, enjoy comfortable, private rooms; showers and sanitary facilities are the norm. Many volunteer programs offer only accommodations with Tanzanian families or multiple bed facilities, which often are below standard and afford little or no security or comfort.

Security is paramount and efforts are taken to insure your safety while volunteering. State Department information and current travel warnings as well as current travel guides should be considered. You agree that personal safety is your responsibility.

Accommodations, for the most part, are situated on Archdiocese of Tabora properties built by the White Fathers, now called Missionaries of Africa, in the late 1800’s to a standard still enjoyed in Europe and elsewhere. Our Fathers and Sisters usually enjoy accommodations on the same premises.

Volunteer Program Fees reflect our obligation to support the Volunteers with up to standard accommodations and nutritious meals. Meals consist of, but are not limited to, Continental Breakfast with eggs, cereal, bread, coffee, tea, milk and or beverage of your choice, honey and jam. A warm Lunch and Dinner are served daily consisting of rice, ugali (local dish made of corn meal, resembling polenta) fried bananas, local vegetables, potatoes, chicken, fish or beef with sauce and local, seasonal fruit for dessert, prepared by local staff. This nutritional regime is also enjoyed by our Fathers and Sisters and in many cases shared with you.

Volunteer Program Fees also reflect costs of ground transportation such as pick-up at the airport in Dar es Salaam, one overnight stay at the Tanzanian Episcopal Center Hostel (TEC), return to Dar es Salaam airport next day and one way air or ground transportation to Tabora, Universal Initiative’s Headquarter in Tanzania.

You agree that your eventual departure to your home country or vacation destination will be at your discretion and responsibility. Many Volunteers continue to vacation destinations in Tanzania and other countries. While Universal Initiative does not arrange vacation travels, we recommend contacting a reputable travel agency in Tabora who can assist you in planning an unforgettable experience in beautiful Tanzania.

Medical Evacuation Insurance is included in your Volunteer Program Fee. Medical services in Tanzania are inexpensive, compared to American or European costs, albeit somewhat limited and below western standards. They are at the cost of the Volunteer. In country medical insurance is not readily available nor required but is at the discretion of the Volunteer.

Malaria and other tropical diseases are known in sub-Saharan Africa. Prophylactic and preventive treatments such as vaccinations, if desired, are the responsibility and at the discretion of the Volunteer. Consult your physician, if desired.

You agree that Tanzanian Visa fees are payable by Volunteer upon entry, and are determined by citizenship and length of service and are the responsibility of the Volunteer.

You agree to the Volunteer Program Fees, Incentive Discounts and Cancellation Policy as outlined below:

30 Days Commitment Full payment
60 Days Commitment 10 % discount
90 Days Commitment 15 % discount

The longer you share your experience and expertise with us, the more you help Tanzanians in need. Our Volunteer Program Fee Discounts are calculated to benefit those who can extend their Volunteer time in Tanzania.

30 Days Commitment US $ 2640
60 Days Commitment US $ 5280 - 10% = US $ 4752
90 Days Commitment US $ 7920 - 15% = US $ 6732

Discounts for Returning Volunteers
Alumni of the Universal Initiative Volunteer Program are much needed and appreciated. Discounts are calculated on the level of your expertise, education and particular need. As our costs for Returning Volunteers would be lower due your past volunteering experience, these savings will be passed on to you.

Student Volunteer Discount
Currently enrolled students, 18 years or older, enjoy a 10 % discount on the 30 Days Volunteer Program Fee only. All other discount fees apply. Student Status Validation required.

Bring a Friend, Family Member or Colleague Discount
Volunteer Program Fee Discounts are available for one or more extra Volunteers based on length of service, 30, 60 or 90 days or extended stay programs and expertise of Volunteers.

Falling In Love With Tanzania Discount
Many Volunteers fall in love with Tanzania, its people and especially the children. An Extended Volunteer Program is offered only after the completion of the 90 Days Program at US $ 250 per week conditioned upon limitation of Visa and host country regulations.

A US $ 500 non-refundable deposit is required no less than 60 days prior to departure date.

This US $ 500 non-refundable deposit may be applied to another Universal Initiative Volunteer Program within 12 months of original departure date should Volunteer be unable to enter into service.

Balance of payment must be received by Universal Initiative 30 days prior to departure date.

Full payment, less US $ 500 non-refundable deposit, less 10 % of balance, will be returned to Volunteer, if Volunteer cancels program for any reason prior to arrival date.

Scheduled arrival date may be extended, subject to the following conditions: certified illness, flight cancellation, natural catastrophe, State Department or other governmental travel restrictions for Tanzania.

Universal Initiative may cancel a program or reject an applicant at any time prior to scheduled departure date at which time the total program fee, including deposit of US $ 500 will be refunded.

From date of arrival, if Volunteer wishes to terminate selected or supplemented program prior to its completion for any reason, full deposit and program fees are forfeited by Volunteer.

By signing this Application and Agreement you acknowledge that dangers are real while traveling to and living in a foreign country.

You agree that you are traveling at your own risk and that it is your responsibility to protect yourself and your property at all times.

It is imperative for you to research your Government and State Department travel warning site before embarking on your Universal Initiative Volunteer Program in Tanzania.

As in any country, local laws apply in Tanzania. You must abide by these laws. Obtain an international driver's license, if required, should you intend to operate a vehicle in Tanzania. You agree that Universal Initiative Foundation and the Archdiocese of Tabora and all individuals representing them are not responsible for your conduct or your infraction of any Tanzanian laws and regulations.

You agree that the Universal Initiative Volunteer Program Application and Agreement is to be construed broadly to provide indemnification, release and waiver to the Universal Initiative Volunteer Program and the Archdiocese of Tabora.

You state hereby that you are at least 18 years of age and that you have signed the Universal Initiative Volunteer Program Application and Agreement voluntarily and without duress.

Signature _____________________________ Date__________________

You authorize Universal Initiative Foundation to charge US $ 500 non-refundable deposit to your credit card. You also authorize Universal Initiative Foundation to charge any balance of Universal Initiative Volunteer Program Fee to your credit card 30 days prior to Volunteer arrival date or immediately, if this Application and Agreement is received within 30 days prior to arrival date, unless you advise Universal Initiative Foundation otherwise.

Name (as it appears on card)______________________________________________

Please circle type of credit card below:

 Visa                    Master Card                    American Express

Card Number____________________________________________________________

Expiration Date________Mo_________Year

Sign here:______________________________________ Date: _________________

Please mail, scan e-mail or fax Application and Agreement to:
Universal Initiative Foundation
1684 Woodlands Dr., Suite 300
Maumee, Ohio 43537
Tel:  419-491-1203
e-mail:  uif.stiles@gmail.com

Other payment options:

Personal Check, Certified Bank Check, International Money Order
Make payable to:
Universal Initiative Foundation
Mail to:
Universal Initiative Foundation
1684 Woodlands Dr., Suite 300
Maumee, Ohio 43537

Bank Transfer to:
Bank Transfer and Account Number upon request.