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Universal Initiative Volunteer Program for Tanzania

Tanzania, like most African countries, has many needs to bring the living standards of its people to a level enabling them to live a dignified, healthy life and to provide their children an education.

Education and proper health care are the keys to a better future for any country through citizens formed by ethics, moral standards and the desire to help others.

Roads need to be built for better communication and commerce, clean water needs to be supplied for better health and sanitation, irrigation facilities are needed for agriculture to produce sufficient food to feed the population and to export for hard currencies.

Some governments strive to aid their citizens in these endeavors, others do not.

Tanzania, having a progressive government working in concert with its citizens and multiple religions strives to provide a better standard of living. However, present health care and education are below standards required for a country to remain progressive.

Universal Initiative’s Volunteer Program works in cooperation with the Catholic Archdiocese of Tabora,Class of Deaf Children and Teacher Tanzania. It is initiated by Archbishop Paul R. Ruzoka, administered by Universal Initiative Foundation, its President and Founder Donald R. Stiles and Staff, assisted by the dedicated Fathers, Sisters and Laity of the Archdiocese of Tabora, Tanzania. Archbishop Ruzoka's vision of East Africa has resulted in the construction of many new buildings, medical facilities, schools and the future University College of Tabora, a constituent College of  St. Augustine University of Tanzania in Mwanza, Tanzania.

However, much work remains. Universal Initiative’s Volunteer Program is a win – win program designed to bring volunteers to Tanzania with the disciplines and educational levels required to continue the Archbishop’s vision.

The diocese wins through the efforts and expertise of the volunteers and the volunteers win through the comfort and experience of helping others, the contact with the wonderful people of Tanzania and the travel and cultural opportunities of an exceptional country.

Keep in mind, Universal Initiative's Volunteer Program is open to individuals of any faith, color, gender or age.

Please peruse our Web site further, then complete the Universal Initiative's Volunteer Program Application so that a comprehensive, professional evaluation of our mutual interests can be explored.