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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When can I start my Volunteer Program?
A: Any time throughout the year, with 60 days notice, after receipt of $500USD non-refundable deposit and balance of Volunteer Program Fee.

Q: Do I need a passport and Visa for Tanzania?
A: Yes, passport must remain valid at least six months after arrival date. Visa can be obtained at point of entry or by prior arrangement with the Tanzanian embassy in your home country.

Q: Will I be met at the airport in Dar es Salaam?
A: Yes, regardless of the hour of arrival, you will be greeted by a Universal Initiative representative at the airport and accompanied for an overnight stay at the TEC Hostel in Dar es Salaam.

Q: Do I need travel and health insurance?
A: Both are optional and are your responsibility.

Q: Do I need vaccinations and prophylactic malaria treatment?
A: Not required, but recommended. Contact your local health official for recommendations and details.

Q: Will I be safe?
A: Traveling and living in foreign countries always present a certain risk. Your personal safety and safeguarding of your belongings are your responsibility. However, Universal Initiative and the Archdiocese of Tabora make efforts to provide for your security during your service.

Q: Can I drink the water and eat the food?
A: Water quality varies in Tanzania; bottled or boiled water is recommended and will be provided by Universal Initiative and the Archdiocese of Tabora. Food provided by the Archdiocese staff is tasty and carefully prepared.

Q: What clothes do I need to bring?
A: Temperatures are warm to moderate all year, cotton and linen summer clothing, sandals and comfortable shoes as well as any special vacation outfits should be considered. Evenings can be cool and refreshing, sweater and light jacket are recommended.

Q: Can I get medical care in case of minor illness or accident?
A: Yes, medical care is readily available in Tanzanian hospitals and dispensaries and relatively inexpensive. It is at the responsibility and charge of the Volunteer. Universal Initiative’s Volunteer Program Fees include medical evacuation insurance in case of major illness and accident, necessitating immediate repatriation to your home country.

Q: Will I be paid for my services?
A: No, your Universal Initiative Volunteer Program Fees cover the cost of your stay in Tanzania and supports programs and charitable work in which you will be involved.

Q: What can I do during free time?
A: Depending on the area of your service, sports activities may be available such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, bicycling and hiking. Most volunteers enjoy evenings of leisure, learning the local language, reading and exploring the local culture and other social activities. Keep in mind that our Fathers and Sisters are well educated, speak English as well as several other languages and offer guidance in many subjects.

Q: Can I travel during my service?
A: Yes, only during free time and in conjunction with your assigned volunteer duties. Extended travel must be reserved until completion of your Volunteer Program.

Q: Will I be briefed concerning my Volunteer duties?
A: Yes, a full briefing is provided concerning your volunteer duties upon arrival in Tabora, as well as daily guidance by your Occupational Specialists.

Q: Is this strictly a religious organization?
A: No, anyone is invited to participate in the Universal Initiative Volunteer Program.

Q: Will there be religious indoctrination during my volunteer service?
A: Absolutely not. Volunteers are not asked to or required to participate in any religious activities whatsoever.

Q: Are other religious activities available?
A: Yes, all other religions are present and easily accessible in Tanzania, if desired.